Arts and Crafts Ideas for Seniors

I went to visit my mother at her care home the other day and noticed that they have a lot of different activities going on including one of my favorites.  Making crafts!

Check out this video for some arts and crafts ideas for seniors .

If you have a parent that is getting older then doing crafts together is a great way to spend quality time with them. I especially love scrap booking because it helps to strengthen memory related to family and can even be used as a gift for friends and family!

Another neat thing that can be used is play dough. Nope it’s not just for kids, people of any age can make stuff out of it and it also does a good job of strengthening the hands which is important for seniors.

Knitting is also one of my favorite activities that a lot of seniors love as well. This activity is more suited for seniors that don’t have any serious ailments as it requires steady hands and a bit more precision than some other activities. Did you know that knitting has health benefits? That’s right it can relieve stress, improve concentration and connect people.

Whenever a holiday is coming up is a great time for seniors to do crafts as well. Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and Valentines are just a few examples of holidays that can involve crafts. ┬áChristmas especially is a great time for any artistic person as there’s so many different things that can be made.

Painting is another one of my favorite activities and seniors love it too. Just make sure to use a big brush or even a sponge if they’re hand eye coordination isn’t very good.